CERADIR™ Instruction

– S U P P L I E R –

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Registration & Login

Please register to be the member of CERADIR™ by phone/email, and upload your business license to experience VIP service right now!

After registration, you can access the main account dashboard. On the left, you can manage your main account, including message management, main account/sub-account management, bill management, company material management, etc. On the right there are different modules you can select. You can play three roles in CERADIR: Supplier, Buyer and Digital Marketer.

Profile Management

Please edit your company profile


Our search engine supports keywords search, including general and precise or accurate searches.

Your company will be found easily once you upload more company’s information.

After completing the company information, please enter the Product Management column to launch your products.

Product Management

At the background control, click “Product Management”, there are 4 functions:

(1)【All Products】
In this column, you can view all of the information for a product. This includes specific product information and the ability to edit or delete a
product as well as information regarding released/unreleased (draft) products.

(2)【Add New Product】
Please fill in the following parts: Product Name, Product Features, Product Details, Product Parameter Table (if applicable).
①Product Name
②Product Features
③Product Details
④Product Parameter Table Editor
(3)【Product Line】 Your company’s products grouping.
The Product Line is set for products management, and it display on your company “homepage customization”, which looks like as follows:
(4)【Featured Products Settings】
Access path: Product Management – Featured Products Settings – Save
The featured products will be displayed on the company profile page – Featured Products Showcase Page. As seen below:

Business Opportunities Management

This column include:
– Inquiry: Buyer’s inquiry for published products.
– RFQ: Buyer’s request for quotations, including private RFQ / Public RFQ.
– Conversation: The conversation between the buyer and supplier.
These Functions are explained in further detail below.

①Inquiry Center

②My Inquiry

③Inquiry Dialogue

④Product Inquiry Dialogue

Value-added Service

(1)【Homepage customization】The operation interface is as follow:
(1)【Homepage customization】The corresponding page and description are as follow:
(2)【Showcase Products】
Path: Value-added Service – Product Showcase – Submit
By choosing this option, the showcased product will get a better ranking and search results (as on other b2b platforms). It may have a
special showcase logo, as seen on th CERADIR™ homepage gallery.
(3)【Inquiry Subscriber】


Since CERADIR™ is not only a B2B international trade platform, but also a big data platform, there is a wide range of inquiries and
demands issued by various roles of the entire industry chain. Through the inquiry subscriber service, you can access business
opportunities that exactly match your company’s requirements and filter out the inquiries which are not in your business scope.
* Note: The above is a brief description of some important functions of the supplier’s backend. You need to understand other functions during the operation. Please ask the Customer Service for more explanation if you have any doubt.



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